Diagnostics Tools In Action

To build, test, and maintain an effective Web services-based SOA, everyone involved in the process must be able to share problem data and operate on it in different ways. The partners we work with address this need by combining diagnostic tools for developers, testers, support personnel, and operations, making it easy to share complete problem data. This allows for a system that realizes an end-to-end quality process for Web services. Proper Diagnostics should:

Test: Perform what-if scenarios without coding or scripting.

Capture: Easily capture problem data into a controlled workspace. Capture messages off the wire, test cases, or reproducible problems. Capture a snapshot-in-time of a WSDL, including all related resources.

Share: Exported workspaces promote sharing among team members, preserving complete problem data including messages, WSDLs, and notes.

Simplify understanding of complex XML, yet offer powerful enough value for even the most protocol-savvy experts.